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"The most fun we saw people having was when they all sat in the same room and almost played it Counter-Strike-like," he revealed - and that's what he'll try to recreate.Despite a quick turnaround, K2 has committed already to two years of game development.Between now and then, a team of around 24 people will install a free-to-play, micro-transaction business model.In itself, that should negate the odd time-buying problem that APB had, where friends could drop off at a moment's notice because their game-meter had run out.

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"In some cases people may have put in bids for just a small portion of the asset, in other words, they'd have been interested in components like the customisation system.

"He seemed to be relieved that the game will continue, and I think that was the general sentiment from a lot of people who had spent so many years of their lives of this thing and would like to see it go on.

"We don't have any formal plans to work with Dave," he added, "but obviously we'll stay connected with him." Whether Dave Jones has washed his hands of APB, Book-Larsson couldn't say - "You really would have to ask Dave that - I can't answer for him." APB will relaunch in the first-half of 2011.

"We'll release the game somewhat close to the final, unreleased patch; we'll get the game out with some of the modifications, probably leased guns and some premium features.

"After that, presuming there's an interest in the game, we expect this to be a multi-year development process where we continue updating the game." The new owner of APB is K2 Networks, and within it, online portal Gamers First.

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