Aspergers dating sight

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Sarcasm, for instance is not a part of their conversation style because they tend to take words literally.Children and adults with Asperger’s may also dominate conversations and be completely unaware of any lack of interest the listener may display.

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For instance, most children go from crawling to walking around the age of one.In cases where there is a possibility that Asperger’s is inherited it may be even harder to define since parents may assume the child s just displaying a parental trait.Asperger’s, I like any other part of the autism spectrum n that it is actually made up of a collection of symptoms that make it difficult or even impossible to perform normal daily tasks, even though Asperger’s is known as a high functioning form of autism.There is a complete lack of body language and fluid movement.The individual often has a flat affect and a lack of facial expressions.

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