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(Mostly red crossing lines which should have depicted bloody welts). There are some customers who are interested only in the real thing.Yik Yakker, I hope this answer clears up this thing a little bit.I thought I'd give you a heads up about a the whipping scene which is far the best in my opinion I have seen so far in a mainstream movie.(My favorite was the Mary Bryant whipping scene before watching this one.) The scene is about 4-5 minutes long, which is quite a lot for a mainstream movie, where whipping scenes are usually quite shorter either because someone interrupts the whipping or because the scene is cut for any other reason.I certainly took note of his foray into 3D, though his real strength seemed physical media. He was certainly a notable talent in the field and clearly searched for that "edge" many of us so like. The man's creativity was astounding and he will be sorely missed. There are some customers who are interested only in the real thing. Now that it has – and from Pedro himself – I will state that personally I find this “answer” somewhat worrisome.

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LOLThe Maleficarum and Dead But Dreaming whipping scenes are more erotic to me, than that of the just posted "12 Years a Slave" whipping scene because those whipping mutilated wounds are far too real and horrible looking for me find erotic. Fetish artist de Mullotto has reportedly died a few days ago. BILL K: Some men look at hands and say "why duct tape them"? RICK: Great news about the potential for new productions this year. He was a true trailblazer of GIMP art, building on the early work of pioneers like John Willie and Eric Stanton to raise the bar of female peril to a whole new level.They gain weight, lose weight, go without sleep, get wasted, you name it but you don't often see Meryl Streep or Dustin Hoffman endure actual torture. Because good acting is enough to painlessly sell the scene – and no punters in the back row of the theatre are fantasizing about “the real thing”.I have nothing against Pedro or Mood Pictures, but I would be more inclined to buy their wares if the videos focused more on fantasy and less on reality.Even if the actress is willing (consensuality opening a whole other can of worms), the fact that real pain, real blood, real wounds and real suffering are depicted to satisfy someone's sexual desires changes the entire dynamic of a scene for me.Method actors are renowned for enduring all sorts of discomfort to improve their performance.

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