Calculating and validating nmea checksums

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Thanks again for your prompt reply Cheers Alan Hi Alan, I see your need but this is not something I've done before.I'd suggest you have a whack at the checksum routine in P and compare results to those that your utility gives for the same payload.

I need to include a checksum calculator within my proton code as some parts of the message will contain things like telephone numbers,vehicle name etc that need to be calculated for when the code constructs the message. I have the checksum calculator application also and can generate checksums for known messages.On the pane you have the opportunity to have a look at all checksums you have validated so far.Furthermore you can export the checked file as and take a look at other hashes of the file.Copying it on a USB flash drive or other devices is also possible.NMEA sentences checksum calculator reveals a minimalist layout that embeds only a few settings to tinker with.

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