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Heavily involved in its development, Robby Gordon has put his flair on the new Wildcat, which sports perhaps the most abuse-worthy suspension system of any UTV to date.Excerpts from Robby’s resume include 7 SCORE International championships, 3 Baja 1000 wins, 4 Baja 500 wins, and 9 Dakar Rally stage victories.Arctic Cat has gone on record saying that they won’t ship a single unit until they are completely satisfied with the Wildcat’s durability and performance, which should guarantee a worthy contender in the sport UTV segment!“I can’t tell you how excited I am about this relationship with Arctic Cat” says Robby Gordon.Eliot Ewald and son Jarett's relationship fits the prototypical father-son mold: Pops introduced kid to things like '64 Pontiac GTOs and cruise-ins, and kid went on dreaming about things like V-8s and four-barrel carburetors.It made sense; it was the father-son dichotomy you expected, and it's what led to a role reversal in which Ewald senior started taking cues from junior.Cues that had more to do with things like small-displacement Japanese turbo engines and less to do with things like big blocks and two-speed transmissions."It was summertime with the windows down, flooring it, getting on the highway and haulin' ass with him sitting by my side in his car seat, all smiles," Eliot says about how that GTO helped show Jarett the way and that, despite the S13 Eliot's spent the last year building up, he's still got.

Arctic Cat has yet to release suspension travel numbers for the XX, but we would ballpark them around 17” front and 16.5” rear, judging by the RG Pro specs.SR20DETs found their way underneath both 240s' hoods, but the similarities end there.For Jarett, more than 400 hp comes by way of Garrett's GT28 turbo and a pair of Jim Wolf cams while dad's S13 gets the same upgrades only by way of Tomei.Wheelbase length was not identified either, but by our math should register very close to the Maverick X3’s 102 inch stance.Big travel numbers get thrown around a lot these days, but in reality, the quality of the travel matters much more than the actual number.

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