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This means that a Vietnamese wife will expect to be kept busy, and if not she might become frustrated.Just let her know that she doesn’t need to do everything on her own, although this can be a problem because Vietnamese women don't want their men to be seen doing "women's" work.Some expats talk about the "lazy Vietnamese husband" syndrome which is basically the idea that Vietnamese husbands are lazy because their wives always take care of them.Vietnam ladies are renowned for taking care of everything to do with the household.Vietnam also has one of the best education systems in Asia, so you'll find lots of women who aren't just stunning to look at, but who are very smart too.It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you own, if a Vietnamese girl already has a boyfriend you are wasting your time, buddy.This is less about them having "stuff", and more about you showing that you still think about them.This goes against the dating advice you'll get almost anywhere else on this subject, but if you want to make a really good first impression on your Vietnamese girlfriend then make sure small gifts become a regular feature of your relationship.

In the southern part of the country there is a pretty good chance most girls have relatives in the United States and there tends to be a romanticized view of the United States. In fact, you probably have a better chance of meeting a Vietnam babe who speaks English than any other Asian ladies, except perhaps a Filipina.If you are interested in Vietnamese women for marriage, it's probably going to be quite easy to find a woman who is interested in you, but just remember that they rarely date without the long term goal of marrying whoever they are dating.Some guys find this off-putting, but that's only because they’re players and want to do their thing and then fly home.Women from Vietnam are always busy doing something - from education, to shopping, to caring for their family, and everything else in between.They grew up helping to perform most duties around the house, and to help raising the children.

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