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It said that on 27 May last year, a court in Jeddah convicted and sentenced to death a young man named Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr, who was 16 or at most 17 when he was accused of committing crimes of demonstrating against the government, attacking the security forces and armed robbery.Amnesty said Ali al-Nimr was largely convicted on the basis of signed “confessions”, which he has said were extracted under torture.Friendship and business are interlinked, and relationships are based on mutual benefit and reciprocity of favours. When scheduling appointments, it is important to take into account the five daily prayer times, as well as the Islamic religious holidays.Appointments should be made in advance, with scheduled times regarded as approximate rather than fixed, due to the relaxed approach to time in Saudi Arabia. Both men and women should dress very modestly for meetings, ensuring that most of the body is covered.It also analysed legal documents, and kept track of government releases and reports on death sentences from official news outlets.

The kingdom killed 102 convicted criminals in the first six months of 2015 alone, putting it on course to beat its 1995 record number for the calendar year of 192.Saudi Arabia ranked third in an Amnesty study of the top countries in the world for numbers of executions last year.It was behind China and Iran, but ahead of Iraq and the US.Said Boumedouha, Amnesty’s acting Middle East director, said the Saudi justice system which authorised the killings was “deeply-flawed”.He said: “The use of the death penalty is horrendous in all circumstances, and is particularly deplorable when it is arbitrarily applied after blatantly unfair trials.“Instead of defending the country’s appalling record, the Saudi Arabian authorities should urgently establish an official moratorium on executions and implement international fair trial standards in all criminal cases.”Amnesty said that Saudi Arabia carried out most of its executions in the period by beheading, although some were killed by firing squad.

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