Dating in grad school

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Obviously, this is the best of possible worlds because there's food on your table and a roof over your head, PLUS you get to spend all your time studying.Sometimes the fellowship also has a name attached to it — say, the Vince Gotera Memorial Fellowship — that will look mighty fine on your résumé. ignore the "Memorial" part of that hypothetical fellowship.) An assistantship pays you money for which you have to work.

These are my own opinions about applying to grad school. The first thing you need to know is that all graduate schools (at least in the US) subscribe to a national acceptance deadline of April 15.

(Ideally you should have done this before you applied there; even if you already have, it's practical to think about it again, now that the possibility of living in that place is much more real.) Next, ask yourself if the funding you have been offered will allow you to live in that locale comfortably.

For example, ,000 will not go as far in Manhattan (NYC) as it would in Manhattan, Kansas.

There is crucial information for your decision-making in all four sections.

Remember also that you will get different responses from the various grad schools to which you've applied — some will accept, some will reject, etc.) My colleague Dr.

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