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And it’s likely the market will pop because most cryptos are useless and will disappear.

But, I still believe blockchain and similar technologies are here to stay.) Only when you’re humble can you truly accept everything you still need to learn.

Or the person who can admit they’re wrong to get smarter and actually evolve?

Seek out knowledge to find the truth, not to pursue your own validation or pride.

No matter what knowledge you possess right now, at this moment, just remember – the world is going to change with or without you.

And you’ve got to have the right outlook to keep up with it.

You search for concrete evidence that not only supports new ideas, but refutes them.

Then you dissect all that information meticulously until the truth emerges.

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If you’re a naive optimist, you’ll get suckered into almost anything.While many have lost money, cryptocurrency has also made many people more money than any other investment could in their .(And yes, I’m aware the market has been bleeding for the last few days.Explore different mediums to learn from and see what resonates with you: audiobooks, travel experiences, fiction books (if you’ve only stuck to non-fiction), spoken word, random people at the pub, your family and friends, and more.Many people are afraid of soaking in all these different ideas.

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