Dating someone same career

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I’ve asked over 500 people married 40, 50 and more years what is most important for a long and happy marriage.To my surprise, their advice was nearly unanimous: Opposites may attract, but they don’t usually make for great and lasting marriages.People happily married for decades (and social scientists) don’t tell you unconditionally to avoid marrying someone who is different from you, but with whom you are deeply in love.They just want you to recognize that if you marry someone with values very different from yours, you are much more likely to face complex challenges in married life.

We liked the same people and I think that’s important. The wisdom of the elders is very consistent with research findings over the past several decades.We came to the point where we asked: ‘What’s the point of this?’ I understood this in my second marriage, and it’s been wonderful for 24 years.This also applies when you come back after Additional Maternity Leave (the last 26 weeks of your Statutory Maternity Leave).If your employer shows it's not reasonably practical to return to your original job (for example, because the job no longer exists) you don't have the same right.

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