Dating someone with different politics

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“Like, you post pictures with them but their profile on Instagram is empty and they never watch your Story.”Other men and women said they don’t use Instagram Stories for a variety of reasons.

Those who haven’t found it to be a major issue say they’ve been open and honest about their usage patterns with partners or they’re in a relationship with someone who also isn’t a heavy user.

“A guy I’ve been off and on with forever never watches my Snapchat or Insta Stories unless we’re ‘talking’ again,” said Haley in Washington, D. “It’s become this signifier that he’s about to reach out if he starts watching my stuff, and I’ve found myself doing the same kind of thing.”Some men and women said they knew their relationship was doomed when their partner stopped watching their Stories.

While social media validation used to come in the form of public expressions of approval like faves, hearts, and likes, now, it’s often distributed more privately—yet just as deliberately—in the form of Story watching.

One man in his 30s in New York who doesn’t use Instagram said he has gone out of his way to do little things to show his girlfriend he cares, since he isn’t big on distributing online affection.

But for those who care, the weight of a Story watch can also be wielded over others as a power play.

Since Story watching can carry a heavy, if subtle, weight, the new rules are rife with confusion.

After posting about this trend on Facebook, one friend was mortified that he might have inadvertently been flirting by watching his friend’s Stories.

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