Definition of chronometric dating

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Applying the reasonable premise that this planet never had a magnetic field as great as that of a magnetic star, one can note from Table 2 that the origin of the earth’s magnetic field had to be more recent than 8000 B. That is to say, the origin of the earth’s magnetic field was less than 10,000 years ago.Just how much more recent than 10,000 years cannot be determined from present scientific knowledge.There are 68 types of such calculations listed in Table I, all of them independent of each other and all applying essentially to the entire earth, or one of its major components or to the solar system.All give ages far too young to accommodate the Evolution Model.

Creationists (e.g., 97) frequently claim that “evolutionists” use the principle of uniformity to interpret scientific data, but these authors badly misrepresent the modern meaning of uniformitarianism.

The most obvious characteristic of the values listed in the table is their extreme variability — all the way from 100 years to 500,000,000 years.

This variability, of course, simply reflects the errors in the fundamental uniformitarian assumptions.

I do not discuss the remaining ages listed in Table 10 either because they are not within my area of expertise or because I simply did not have time to investigate them.

I think it is reasonable to assume, however, that the 70 percent or so I did investigate are representative and that the methods I do not discuss are likewise meaningless.

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