Definition of predating

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SP-HALs include the following: Conventional HALs (deprecated in Android 8.0) are interfaces that conform to a specific named and versioned application binary interface (ABI).The bulk of Android system interfaces (camera, audio, sensors, etc.) are in the form of conventional HALs, which are defined under hardware/libhardware/include/hardware.

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Of course, the difference in values between the Victorian era and the present are rarely mentioned, unless the work is emphasizing the "punk" side of things more than most of them do, or consciously attempting Deconstruction.This leads to occasional criticisms that steampunks are glamorising the racist, imperialist culture of the Victorian era — though some of them can and will argue with that.However, any Victorian-era society which actually tried to create steampunk technology would soon find itself in stark trouble. It is a retro-style Speculative Fiction set in periods where steam power is king.Very often this will be in an Alternate Universe where the internal combustion engine never displaced the steam engine, and as a result all manner of cool steam-driven technologies have emerged, ranging from Airships to submarines; the plausible counterpart to magitek, with a Hollywood Science Hand Wave or The Spark of Genius.

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