Disaster movie im dating matt damon

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They kill time by staging dance-offs and fight sequences, because those things are easy to write. May you never befoul another cinema with your grotesque comic abortions.

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There’s activity in the surround channels, but it only ever seems to be a single sound at a time.

There’s a Juno character called Juney (Crista Flanagan) who, when it’s pointed out that nobody can understand her, says, “That’s because I speak in overly written clever-for-clever’s-sake quips.” That’s a fair satiric criticism of “Juno” — too bad this movie didn’t come out eight months ago, before every single person in the world had already made the same observation.

In addition, is it not the height of chutzpah for “Disaster Movie” to mock a comedy that even its detractors would acknowledge is funnier than “Disaster Movie”?

I already generally don’t like spoof movie making because it’s usually an excuse for lazy writing, but even barely even makes the effort to spoof anything, it’s more about referencing things, as if making a joke at the expense of recent pop-culture is too hard, and all the audience deserves is visual reference to recent pop-culture.

Actually, the filmmakers here weren’t able to accurately spoof the summer blockbusters of 2008, because when they made the movie none of those blockbusters had been released.

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