Droid latitude not updating define online dating

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My 2 phones are running close to pure Android (Cynogen Mod on one Plus, and a Nexus 5x) and we get decent updating. Edit: This is what I think is happening on most the android issues, is memory management/power management is killing background apps.

Did you recently update or upgrade the software on your Android and now your cell phone doesn’t seem to want to work properly?

always the same behavior, on remote connection the switch/state of an item is changing via the android APP but the Icon shows always ON.

@Trickx is it for you that the state of the item is not reflecting correctly on myopenhab or only the icon? My issue seem to be related to the open HAB cloud configuration.I would also say to make sure you have High Accuracy mode enabled.Do you have location reporting and history enabled? Maybe the fence is not stored right and resizing it a few times would correct coordinates size.Did you check your battery mode and make sure it is not on the settings I mentioned before?Another test is to turn it on “performance” and see if you get better updating.

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