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Pretty and available in a variety of colours, they are a really gorgeous and stylish way to slurp.A word of warning, however, while these may look pretty they run the risk of breaking easily, especially if transported in the bottom of your bag.Whether you’re hosting a tiki party or just fancy being super on trend with the eco crowd, why not try bamboo straws.Typically favoured by the panda, these straws are rising in popularity and can be used with hot or cold drinks.It's hard enough, but when you're looking for chemistry, physical attraction, love...

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On social media, the plogging craze is also gaining popularity as people share photos of the trash they’ve collected - or realise that they’ve actually been plogging all along.

Visit Eco Straws for bamboo straws sourced from sustainable, panda-free forests in China. Another seemingly unlikely straw material is wheat, but it’s certainly one we’re keen to get behind.

Stainless steel, aluminium and titanium are used to making drinking straws, offering a robust alternative that can be used again and again. All-natural and compostable they are great if you are throwing a party or simply don’t like the idea of carrying a straw around in the bottom of your bag. Match your straw to your drinking vessel with a glass alternative.

The go-to alternative to plastic straws would be the humble paper straw.

Often biodegradable (check the label) they offer a retro alternative to landfill.

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