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This application allows for Managed and Non-Managed client, below is an overview of the clients for Windows and Mac.The University recommends Microsoft Security Essentials for personal Windows based computers please visit Installing Microsoft Security Essentials for more information.When I perform a manual update on a client it goes straight to the internet and downloads the latest definitions from Microsoft even though I have specifically set the config manager as the only source in the client's settings.

Clients can then access the network to install the updates.

When I'm at these PCs, pressing the update button works fine. There's an error in the event logs - Event ID 2001 from source MS Antimalware - 'the system cannot find the file specified'.

The error references the UNC: \SERVER.domainname\Kiosk-SCEP\x86 - this hyperlinked UNC is clickable from the event log - clicking it opens it, so it doesn't seem to be a permissions issue (the service account is stored in credential manager.) Looking at the policy that the SCEP client references, the UNC Path is set to: \SERVER.domainname\Kiosk-SCEP - it hasn't been set to the x86 folder.

I will not be covering the installation and configuration of Endpoint Protection role.

If you are looking for the Endpoint Protection role deployment then please check the below links.

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