Enfp dating bible

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We are over-analyzers and we know that we have big personalities.Because of this, we have a tendency to feel insecure in relationships if we aren’t told exactly where we stand or how you feel about us.There are very (very) few people who know me deeply, and those who do have really taken the time to invest in me.If you take any time to observe an ENFP, you will notice that they are usually focused on other people.

This is a juxtaposition of sorts, because what we crave most are meaningful conversations and interactions.

It is one of the things that stands out most about our type and something that we value most about ourselves. Engaging our minds is one of the quickest ways to really connect with us.

Tell us what things you are currently wondering or thinking about and ask us the same thing.

How to love this part of us: Accept the fact that your world has collided with someone who absolutely loves people and shows genuine interest in just about everyone.

But also know that our loyalties run deep, and if we have chosen you, we will invest in you fully. If we’re not fully invested in you, you’ll know it. It will take us quite a bit of time (and some gentle prodding) to actually open up to you.

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