Evemon implants not updating

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ok, so I have tried re-installing EFT, i have tried running as administrator, all the files are as they are supposed to be, the EFT was working just a couple of weeks ago (thats when i last used it) but now it wont even open, when i try and execute the program it acts as though its loading, as if its GOING to open, but then it idles and does nothing, AS IF its completed the process, when i go into task manager, the process is running, but no program, and no window comes up, so the process runs in the background but i get no actual window to physically do anything with... Gripen can still be in control of his project and on top of it, many others could contribute on the project and make it even better.

:/ please help me lol i dont know what to do at all, iv tried a compatability test, iv uninstalled, reinstalled again about 4 times now and it still wont work, also iv tried the other EFT, Pyfa i think it is, after EFT failed utterly on me, that wouldnt even open from the start. The only drawback to this is that Gripen will have to release the source code of EFT on an open source licence (EVEMon is released under GPLv2).

While this was once groundbreaking, it's quickly become outclassed by Eve HQ.

Eve HQ fitter until the end of time, EFT has noticeable inaccuracies in the information it will provide you (supposedly because of differences in the EVE database that Eve HQ and EFT reference).

You have bigger fish to fry at the moment but an automatic API import feature on startup would be nice for us newer players that have new skills every day. Also, LOL @ Xenuria "waah waah my free software isn't perfect"EDIT: Oh yeah forgot, sometimes CPU usage is not displayed in the modules list until highlighted. If you want people to stop thinking that you are a dev alt then maybe you should fix "existing problems" before Releasing "new content" The wins error lives...

But something tells me you're popularity is going in a different direction. It can be available as a tool under the Tools option. EVEMon has been developed from different people over the years, thus the "EVEMon Dev Team".

Forgetting to upgrade the clone and losing skill points because of that is a terrible experience for new players.

Skill point acquisition is very much tied to your subscription and the real money you spent on the game, so taking some of their skill points away can feel like wasted money to the player.

When a player’s capsule (known colloquially as a pod) is destroyed, their clone is killed, leaving behind a frozen corpse floating through space.

Users can instantly see which are flyable by their EVE characters and at what skill level.

As a registered user you have the ability to create or join as many groups as you like.

We want every choice you make as a player to impact the world around you.

From the rookie ship mining Veldspar to calling targets in the largest Alliance battles, your actions in the game should have meaning and affect other players either directly or indirectly.

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