Foamy the squirrel dating advice script

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Also packaged in the issues are 4y-Records comics (the store and its well-known Clerk also make a cameo appearance in the comic series itself when Germaine goes there to buy some new music), Reese Witherly comics, fake advertisements, and humorous lists.In the earlier issues, Germaine dealt with the annoyances of her ditzy "friend" Jane, a girl who often tried to hook Germaine up with guys (most of whom only desired sex) and make her more trendy and sexualized.Neurotically Yours is a comic book and Flash animated series created by Jonathan Ian Mathers, depicting a squirrel named Foamy (voiced by Jonathan Ian Mathers), who is the pet of a neurotic goth woman named Germaine (voiced by Dawn Bennett).The series began as an independent comic book series that was sold in the "village streets of New York City" (much like all of Jonathan Ian Mathers's comics at the time).There are even several Foamy albums that contain topical rants, squirrel songs, audio tracks from animated episodes, and unused audio tracks.The original version of the Neurotically Yours series.In this incarnation, Germaine was the main character while Foamy mostly stayed in the background or off to the side whilst making random comments pertaining to the current situation (or perhaps not).

Meanwhile, her pet Foamy would mostly stay in the background and make random comments about the current situation. I'm sure most of you women out there work all week and have to take care of a fucking child. If he gives you a response like "well, I work all week" Well, you know what?Germaine, of course, only wanted Jane to leave her alone.Germaine also began a relationship with one of the devil's minions, who was sent to Earth to silence those who go against Satan's law (including Germaine's math teacher).

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