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To make sure that I had an even chance of fathering any kid that popped out of her nine months after the wedding, I had made a pair of very substantial deposits of cum into Rhonda a couple of hours before we said "I do".

Six weeks later she announced that she was in the family way, or as she put it, "knocked up".

So hang on tight, and whatever you do, don't look down!

I will speak more of Ms Marlow in future installments of this story.

I surely would enjoy saying that today I'm just as happy as when I discovered that marrying into Rhonda's extended family gave me access to all the family pussy I could handle.

Unfortunately fate has dealt me a bad hand, almost as if I now have to suffer in exchange for all the good times.

Granny was easily the best, but that was no shock since at her age she still was holding her own against gravity and was on the slim side, which gave her further protection against the vicissitudes of the aging process and the changes that came with producing five children.

Combining this with her own vast experience in satisfying the needs of the male members of her family as well as her own set of male friends made her a formidable sex partner.

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