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How silly is that certain movies from that era had to have 2 different versions, a sanitized one for the US audience, and a nude version that everyone else would prefer to see? " Carla's character was killed by bad guys shortly after this scene. I, for one, wouldn't have minded seeing her strung up beside Jessica in the whipping scene, especially if she was dressed as in the posted photo. I know that a lot of folks here are connected to the business and it might not be part of an actual set, which would be a shame, but knowing would at least clarify why I wasn't able to track it down.

And invariably, it's the uncut version that is harder to find, and usually only available in a lesser print. Thanks immensely either way for the site and reviews!

Too bad it's pretty much only rape this time, with no electro-torture like in some of their other movies. The direct link for your latest is here: JD: I enjoyed seeing the uncut version of . No one in the thread had any comments about the provenance of this image, and I was curious as to who the photographer was or whether this is part of a photo set available from someone.

I'd never seen this one before, except for the (clothed) vidcaps we have in the Whipping Scenes Database. To Ralphus: "I knew about the whipping scene of Jessica Alba in Sin City, but what happens to Carla Gugino? Just rolled across your forum recently, gotta say this is an interesting place. A lot less noisy than the internet at large these days. I looked pretty exhaustively over Miss Boxxx's collections with various producers and couldn't find anything that looked right.

I haven't seen the actual episode, but obviously MTV is carrying on with their rapid-fire style of filmmaking that assumes today's audience will get bored if any single camera shot lasts longer than 5 seconds. By the way, did you miss the part when I gently hinted I want to read more work from you? ONLINE_RATT wrote: Just read about a new BBC series called Banished, it's about an 18th century penal colony in Australia.

I couldn't even tell what she was being penetrated with. --------------------------------- The eagerly awaited scene: First off, I appreciate the fine editing job by JD. I think Mish-Mish was playing with the idea of doing a structure like that.

This is a very rare nude AOH scene (with apparently some torture).

If anyone has seen the scene and has an opinion, it'd be great to hear about it too. [ For Eda, writer extraordinaire, who invited us to suggest appropriate punishment.

Physically, she reminded me of Laura Gemser, which is not a bad thing. An awesome new artwork from Arcas, a massive review from A Canadian, 2 great video uploads from JD, a post full of great links from Covers, another Scourge's Soapbox post from Scourge with pics from mainstream GIMP films, and a fine new story from Osouk.

Between her being quiet and being naked, I'd say she's the perfect woman. The only reason I didn't reply yesterday was because I was too busy reading and enjoying all the new stuff. Arcas: Damn, man...could you be any meaner to that poor girl?

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