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Because of this, the Code addresses offering parents and caregivers the opportunity to apply a filter.In addition, the mobile operators agreed to provide advice to customers, including children, parents and other caregivers through relevant media literacy activities and will post information on the Code on their web sites.The specific definition of the Code’s term for age verification is: a process by which reasonable and practical steps are taken to verify that a customer is 18 or over.Acceptable methods of age verification include: a) at point of mobile device sale for new customers; inspection of document containing customer’s date of birth (e.g.Today I thought I would share with you what we have recently compiled for age verification.This (very long) post presents age verification by industry and country and gives some background on what is going on in the market. Examining Age Verification in Other Countries: United Kingdom & Europe In January 2004, the UK mobile market set a precedent for self regulation of new forms of content on mobile phones by developing a Code of Practice.Create full and rich mobile profile (and add a Google map) complete with blogs - and SMS it straight from the phone to all your friends no matter what network they are on; Add cool pictures and videos to your SMS messages. If you are more daring, then setup a FREE account and start broadcasting your cam now!

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) b) “customer not present”: a valid credit card transaction for the customer; age confirmation using 3rd party agencies (e.g Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, etc.) c) documents and/or process used for contract mobile phone customers, combined with a process by which customers can manage access controls The Code also addresses that mobile operators have no control over Internet content and therefore can not insist that it be classified following the framework described above.The USP also has General Information chapters numbered above that contain no standards, tests, assays or other mandatory specifications with respect to Pharmacopeial articles, but provide information and guidance on a large variety of topics including packaging, storage and distribution practices.Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), The Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), and The European Pharmacopoeia of the Council of Europe (EP), set quality standards for active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug products, excipients, packaging materials, labeling and storage conditions.Last year in the UK, a bill was introduced to Parliament to require age verification for the online purchase of age-restricted goods and services such as alcohol, cigarettes, pornography or gambling.Currently retailers in the UK handle age verification by relying on the honesty policy.

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