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Her pussy play gets the attention of her scene partner Mr. They kiss and make out with him feeling up her nice big tits and then he licks her pussy while she moans and grinds against him.After pulling his cock out she does a nice job of sucking and stroking it before deepthroating the whole thing.Her scene is the fourth one on the disc and she begins the action wearing pink lingerie.While she is being interviewed briefly before the sex begins, she talks about where she comes from and how she wanted to earn a living working in porn.All of her first work was filmed in South Florida but then she got some work in Los Angeles.Her decision once she got there was to stay permanently which meant that she left her apartment, car and everything else back in Florida.Dillion's personal life was tougher to deal with because she came from a very conservative family.

They don't normally watch her scenes together though as it makes her feel a little bit weird but she's sure that he watches and jerks off to her scenes when he's alone.

According to what is reported in her interview, her mother is generally OK with her decision although she doesn't like it.

Her father on the other hand reportedly hasn't spoken to her since that time because of his strong disapproval of porn. Harper is very pleased to have her mother still supporting her and hopes that one day her father will also come around.

Her very first work was for a website that was located in South Florida.

One of her first films was called "She's So Cute 4" which was produced by Digital Sin studios in 2012.

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