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After a 5 years break in our story, I have returned to it.

Still a beauty, still a dare, still a scent that fills my heart with joy.

But I adore Alien, so when I finally had a chance to sample Angel, I did. I love that the vanilla is warm and thick without being sugary.

And while I don't know what tonka smells like (still a perfume novice), the citrus and fruity notes keep it from smelling like a giant cupcake.

So the grandmother of gourmands was not something I was even remotely interested in.

Which bums my husband out because he loves sweeter scents on me.

I smelled this when it first came out and it did nothing for me.

But recently, I happened onto a small edp and the smell well...

It is somewhat juicy, it is tasty but not in a gourmand way. The whiffs you get from it is like some narcotic that puts you in a state of ecstasy and you don't know what is going on but you are still having the time of your life by just wondering and picturing happy things.We just don't meld, Angel, and my chemistry and nose just don't pair well with you.Frankly, you stink on me and you're a toughie to wash off, you persistent minx.Can't stop smelling my wrists and am grateful for the breeze or flurry of air that wafts it to my nose throughout the day/night. Never had such a problem even when I got my first reformulated La Nuit de L'Homme YSL.I've bought from Notino 2 bottles (50 and 100 ml from 07-2017 manufacture date) as a gift to my wife and her mother. All previous Angels they had were beastly performing, immediately filled all the air. I’m going to admit it, I audibly moan in pleasure each time I spray this on—although I hardly ever wear it because I want to savor every last drop.

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