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Although I have not been speed-dating myself, organizing and witnessing speed-dating led to some interesting observations and reinforced some trends about courtship.

For the uninitiated, this is how Housing Works' speed-dating works: 35 or so women and 35 or so men sign up for the event, and we set them up based on age and literary interest.

I have four times now witnessed hundreds of people go on hundreds of dates in only a few hours.

I've then analyzed their post-date opinions about each other, and paired them off. I organized literary speed-dating events at the bookstore where I work.

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I walked away with three key life lessons, which I’d like to share.Rest assured, the only company in my bed that night was a burger from my local kebab shop. After greeting the guests, it was on to the big speech.This is the most important part of the evening; you have to be charming, informative, welcoming and assertive. An alien took over my body: I forgot to tell them they had to fill out scorecards, I told off the men in the back who weren’t paying attention – the cocky regulars —and once I’d finished, you can bet I had another tequila shot. Tom held the timer, and we were each responsible for shuffling men along, because these guys hold on to their favourites. ‘I only came along because of my friend, I prefer to find my guys through Tinder.’ The friend in question was sat on the next table.‘Some of the men have a tendency to wander off in whichever direction they choose.’ The guests start arriving, and the majority of them have come alone.The stereotypical characters are all there: the cougar, the cocky regulars, the ones fresh on the market, the ones looking for real love and oddly, two friends who thought they’d booked tickets to speed-mating, not dating. Many of whom hit on me throughout the night, as well as made offers to accompany me home.

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