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We had been spending so much time together before we decided to have sex, and we have already said the L-word plenty of times.

I guess my main worry is like, some of you have been saying, that I really wasn't what he expected, and that's why he couldn't do it.

And don't let the poster who commented about it being your fault, because it sounds like you are really into this guy and it sounds like it may be a personal problem of HIS. Put yourself in his know yourself (likes/dislikes) this man up and get to know him more in a non-sexual way.

Well, we know each other very well in other aspects.

There can be many reasons why a man can't get it up, from medications to smoking to too much on his mind.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. What are the chances that a man can't get it up because he's nervous, could it be an excuse? A wink, and a smile, 'specially the vertical kind, pretty much does the trick for me, so I'm kinda speculating, but if this thread survives, you're gonna get alot of that.* If you weren't in the mood and shot down his efforts should he give you another chance?I got out of a long relationship six months ago and recently entered the dating scene again. * If you said something "cruel" and did not mean it should he give you another chance?If I love someone and we don't know how to push all the right buttons or whatever the first few times we do it I think I'd be a BIT more patient and understanding than that !Then again, I know some people just like to say " I love you " and have it said back to them for the IDEA of it alone.

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