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They were perfectly free, politically and economically and their people representing an integration of Indian and indigenous elements had no links with any Indian state and looked upon India as a holy land rather than a motherland a land of pilgrimage and not an area of jurisdiction."It is impossible to believe that the Hindus, if they came only as merchants, however great their number, would have impressed themselves in such a way as to give to these islanders, the Philippines, the number and the kind of words, which they did give.These names of dignitaries, of caciques, of high functionaries of the court, of noble ladies, indicate that these high positions, with names of origin, were occupied at one time by men, who spoke that language. Contacts between India and the Philippines could be traced back to Malay culture, which has a clear imprint of Indian influence.Many social customs current there show a likeness to the Indian ones.Saleeby says, "The head-gods of the Indian Triad and the earliest Vedic gods had the foremost place in the minds and devotion of the hill-tribes of Luzon and Mindanao. Indeed as Beyer says, "India has most profoundly affected the Philippine civilization." "The unique feature of India's contacts and relationship with other countries and peoples of the world is that the cultural expansion was never confused with colonial domination and commercial dynamism far less economic exploitation.

Thus although a considerable part of central and south-eastern Asia became flourishing centers of Indian culture, they were seldom subjects to the regime of any Indian king or conquerors and hardly witnessed the horrors and havocs of any Indian military campaign.Some years ago when a legislative building was put in Manila, the capital, four figures were carved on its facade illustrating the source of the Philippine culture, one of which is Manu, the ancient Indian lawgiver.For instance: bahagi (part, portion), in Tagalog is bhag in Hindi, katha (story, fiction) - katha; diwata (god or goddess) is devata dukha (poor, destitute) is duhkha guru (teacher) is guru mukha (face) is mukha yaya (nurse) is aya and so on.Manu taught law to the Philippines, hence this picture.This shows the relation of the ancient Hindu culture to the Philippines.

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