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[now rather old-fashioned] Papows, J P (1999): Enterprise. Evans, P and T S Wurster (2000): Blown to Bits, Boston, Massachusetts, Harvard Business School Press. 0, Boston, Addison-Wesley (rather dated, but still relevant) 3 Where do we stand at present? No room for complacency: ICT badly affected by global recession Addressing the broadband challenge: Uptake rapidly increasing 1.

Old World (supply-driven) New World (customer-led) 2001 E-Commerce Phase 1 UP TO 2001 E-Commerce Phase 2 E-Com 3 1993 ng merc e-com 95 19 br an di 98 19 e 2000 e-bu s m-c iness; omm erce 200 5 2014 W W eb 2 W eb 3. Reasons to promote broadband connectivity: Bandwidth; increased demand for video, audio and collaborative applications; growth of “Cloud” 2. org/ UNCTAD View (2) Measuring ICT use and business performance: Critical Issue 1.

25 Conversion Rates: Warning • Conversion rates need to be kept hidden from competitors. ) • Do not publicise conversion rates to press or trade analysts (why? Cycle and Analytics Need to consider Analytics and Customer Life Cycle jointly: Good, effective analytics helps business “know its Customers” more completely, and acts as a source of sustainable competitive advantage; especially important in long-run 29 Metrics: Reach • • Difficult to measure on www, compared to offline Offline, measure footfall, relatively quick and easy //moneyterms. uk/footfall/ Online, marketers try to buy advertising that is intended to reach the largest number of people expected to respond to marketing / branding message Need to show messages with “correct” frequency Problem with translating traditional advertising media online: offline, buying media impressions; online buying “ad” impressions Offline information: Nielsen ratings; number of subscribers and demographics known Online: anonymous visitors, and accuracy difficult to measure 31 General Metrics • Overall traffic volumes – not particularly useful in its own right, but as a guide to monitoring any changes in traffic patterns that may provide guidance on responses to changes and other decision-making • Use “proxy” measurements – total page views • Break these down by day of the week, hour of the day, etc • Some analytics software packages will provide averages, forecasts and drill-down capabilities to identify patterns, clusters and outliers • Related metrics: referring sites • where visitors come from; IP addresses; URLs, etc • Visits: measured page views – which pages? 00 • 100 new visitors / 30 weekly returning visitors = 3.

) • All that others need to know about your business success is an estimate of your monthly web traffic (online) or footfall (offline) – available through Com. 33 • Interpretation – these figures are significantly different, and require different actions to be taken by marketers in analysing communication effectiveness.

Use conversion rates to drive action and decision-making in your analytics programme. com 26 Retention • Many studies assert that repeat Customers are more valuable than first time customers • See • • // How much loyalty is there in competitive markets – especially on the WWW? etc 33 New Visitors • • Direct measure of efficacy of reach (“new, first time ever” visitors) and acquisition • Often difficult where ISPs assign dynamic IP addresses Dependence: • How to determine newness and uniqueness of visitors?

Offshoring and trade in IT and ICT-enabled services: Particularly IN 1. What site behaviour on your site indicates that a prospect is ready to buy?[These will differ according to each organization’s business model, but are essential to performance indication and evaluation] 2. html Long-run effects of promotion depth on new versus established customers: three field studies.Do not compare your rate to published rates, even those of direct competitors – ensure that your rates are appropriate to your own business 3. Publication Date: 01 -JAN-04 (a little dated) Publication Title: Marketing Science Problems: How does one actually get Customers to become repeat buyers?Starting a download of information or an application 2. Locating information – for example an FAQ list or support document 4.Navigating from general to more specific information 5.

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