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This is something that runs like a common thread through ‘Harrison’s’ life.”“Finally, there is an internet date in a manor house in London, with ‘Harrison’ all by himself wearing an electronic tag, third date being with a woman journalist who reflects on where he has ended up.”“The film will chart the rise and fall of someone who pits themselves against authority, a Robin Hood of the digital age who stumbles over his own personality,” Krüger says.

Römert points out that Leaks is set to be shot in summer 2013, with 80% of the filming in Northern Germany, with 20 days in studios in Berlin and Schloss Beesenstadt near Halle standing in for the English manor house where Assange has been living.“We have had various ideas during the project’s development in the past two years as to who we could cast as Harry,” he says.

“What’s for sure is that it will either be a British or an Australian actor.”Krüger adds that there has already been “great interest” from two world sales companies as well as German broadcasters in the project.

" One day, she is going to poison my food, I am sure of it.

Its like I don't want to chat what my real thoughts are..

We get outside and she is all over me, ramming our tongues down each others throats, grabbing her ass and I probably could have banged her in the parking lot..

Then we jump to the second date with a fan in Sweden where he is the man of the moment and feted like a popstar.“We are interested in the fact that, from an early age, this character has always wanted to change the world and was constantly on the move with his mother in Australia to get away from the stepfather.

I have to date the younger ones cuz the older ones are getting wise to the tricks....

I have to date the younger ones cuz the older ones are getting wise to the tricks....

Funny story from last night, remember the story of a waitress that came over early one morning, because of another date that I had?

Now, the new girl doesn't know about the waitress thing, but the waitress is wondering WHAT she knows, and I am being so "hey, good to see you back again", I added a bit of fuel to it, saying "Hey, XXX smokes too, can you go outside and burn one with her so I don't have to go get smokes for her before we go back to the house?

Well I was in the same place last night, she is working there again, and I am with a new date, a very petite and cute 25 yr old lady, amazing figure and brunette hair. so I called the waitress over and introduced the two.

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