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It's friends who meet these other needs I've mentioned that can slip under the radar.

If it's a non-sexual friendship that is with an attractive, or affectionate, or conversant, or recreational, or honest and open, or admiring friend, should that friendship be off limits? These dangerous relationships are usually private, personal, and bilateral.

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But even if your spouse does a better job meeting these needs, a friend can make enough Love Bank deposits by meeting these need for you that you may wake up one morning in love with that person.

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Please view the search results for Women From 50 To 70 Years, maybe there′s someone who you are interested in.

To review my most basic concept (the Love Bank), whenever someone of the opposite sex makes enough Love Bank deposits to breach the romantic love threshold in their account, romantic love for that person is triggered in you.

That person of the opposite sex becomes irresistible and that irresistibility, in turn, makes you somewhat irrational regarding the wisdom of the relationship -- you want that person to be in your life at all costs.

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