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Wilts said the movie didn’t accurately depict what happened the week thousands of people, mostly women, flooded the town for the Grant County Fair and a chance to meet the bachelors.

Sure, dates with the bachelors were auctioned off (for the record, Wilts is pretty sure her farmer husband, Doug, didn’t get auctioned off) as they are in the movie, and some men married.

By intermission, most of them had put down their phones to watch the show. A: I guess [Sam] Shepard, [Tom] Stoppard, [David] Mamet.

Dan said his brother, who was also one of the Herman bachelors, received a letter and care package from a woman in prison in Kansas and eventually had to disconnect his phone line because he got so many calls from women.

A: My style is about strong communication and transparency. Understand the people who are your key collaborators and their perspective. A: One of the most striking to me is the strong culture of philanthropy. He works in events management and does some touring with musicians.

It’s very intriguing and important to any nonprofit. He’s out now with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.

But, Wilts said, the movie wasn’t filmed in the town, which could have helped its economy, and businesses didn’t boom as depicted in the movie.

It also gave the impression the town was full of “horny hicks,” she said.“I think it makes a lot of town people mad,” she added.

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