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There are roles that intensify (such a s homemaker), diminish (for example worker, parent, spouse, lover), intensify with special effort (e.g. [2010] Mobility in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Framework In: The Gerontologist, 50(4): 443-450. Mobility is fundamental to active aging and is intimately linked to health status and quality of life.

She offers new theoretical approaches for understanding the intersectionality of ageing, gender and sexuality, and analyses the social policy implications of these findings. / Leibing, Annette / Guberman, Nancy / Reeve, Jeanne / Allen, Ruth E. [2012] The Meaning of ‘Aging in Place’ to Older People In: The Gerontologist, 52(3): 357-366. This study illuminates the concept of aging in place in terms of functional, symbolic, and emotional attachments and meanings of homes, neighbourhoods, and communities.

Because of the growing population of people over 65 the subject of aging is getting increased attention.

The challenge we face today is that of extending the active, creative, productive, and healthy middle years of the life cycle.

Conclusion: there is no indication of a retirement-consumption puzzle but of a planned behavioral change in a new phase of life.

Vidovićová, Lucie [2018] New Roles for Older People In: Journal of Population Ageing, pp 1-6.

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