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After high school, their paths diverged, their lives changed — Newsted spent 15 years as a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Metallica; Kyes was nearly killed in a car crash in 1992. They said he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair and require constant care. But nearly 20 years later, Kyes owns a recording studio and is an inspiration to many, including Newsted, whose friendship, support and success have inspired Kyes.

Connie Kyes-Myland, Kyes’ younger sister, moved from Indiana to Grand Rapids in June to be closer to her brother and help care for him.

And so were my friends.”By his junior year, Newsted started bringing his new bass guitar to class. By March, Newsted had immersed himself in music and dropped out of school.Dahnke apologized in court and his attorney, David Butler, said Dahnke was alcohol free, the Gazette reported.“Mr.Dahnke would be willing to substitute his body for Mr. Words probably are not enough to express the depth of grief” he feels, Butler told the judge.Kyes’ attorney, Victor Bland, last week said his client showed leniency in the charges he sought against Dahnke, considering the severity of Kyes’ injuries.“I think Gary thought, by doing Dahnke a favor, he’d get a favor in return — that being a steady payment,” Bland said.Kyes said Dahnke has paid a little more than ,000 and stopped making payments not long after the court case was adjudicated. Since Dahnke was sentenced in Kyes’ case in 1994, he has been arrested twice for operating while impaired — in 20.

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