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Manufacturers like Ferdinand Strauss, Louis Marx, Ideal, Hubley, Buddy L, Metalcraft, Wyandotte, Tootsietoy, and Renwal in the United States and Meccano Dinky, Playcraft Toys, Joutra, Cardini, Ernst Planck, GAMA, and Bandai in Japan all produced aviation toys.All are represented in the museum’s collection of more than 500 examples.Meanwhile, building and furnishing dollhouses and miniature rooms is a popular hobby for grown-ups.The museum’s collection includes more than 20,000 miniatures, some of them playthings for children and some of them things of play for adults.Beyond building blocks, the museum holds more than 1,000 construction sets that run the gamut from Erector Sets and Lincoln Logs to the latest LEGO and K’NEX products.

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The contents range from alphabet blocks, construction sets, and teddy bears to airplanes, trains, mechanical banks, and more.Since the 19th century, toy makers have tried to produce a better construction set.Building blocks—which occupy their own collections category at The Strong—have continued to the present, but they have been joined by such 20th-century classics as Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, and others.Individually and collectively, they reflect the events, trends, and cultural values of the various times from which they sprang.Those noted below represent some of the most popular and historically significant groupings in the collections.

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