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Over time that methodicalness evolved into something deeply personal.

The small things: Terry's door open next to mine in every hotel of the past two decades, Terry in his best Ed Mc Mahon voice as I stepped into the van at the end of each show saying "you have conquered another city, Oh Great One", me answering, "yes, we have" then silence for the rest of the ride home, the emptying of everything from my pockets into Terry's hands as I was about to go onstage, these are the things I'm going to miss. His size, his face, his gait, the tempo at which he met the world, all spoke of mastery over time, control of space, and permanence.

This was my first introduction to the clear, hard headed thinking of Terry Magovern. It was the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. It's no wonder some savvy commander spotted this in him and chose him for the Mercury Program, a frogman to pull astronauts out of the water after their lonely trip through space.

The world will be a profoundly different place without his presence. I'd just returned from California after an unsuccessful attempt to live as a musician in the Bay Area.It follows the eleventh track, DEVIL' S ARCADE, as the actual closer after a 10-second digital pause.The above lyrics are for Bruce Springsteen's album version of TERRY' S SONG as released in 2007.Terry Magovern's memorial service was held on at United Methodist Church Of Red Bank in Red Bank, NJ.During the memorial service, Springsteen performed a new song called "Terry's Song". In his speech, he said: "I went through my songbook and was looking for an appropriate song to play for Terry.

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