Msn money stock quotes not updating

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If you’re setup to run MSMoney Quotes using a shortcut, then the DOS window will simply go away.If MSMoney Quotes encounters some sort of problem, it will output an error message and then prompt you to press a key. Suppress "Press any key..." prompts to allow running unattended from a batch file.

Likewise, if the –v option is specified, a key press is required so you can see the output before the window closes. That is, the Money file you last had open in Money.For example: MSMoney -p mypassword123 The -r option can be used to instruct MSMoney Quotes to securely "remember" a password.This option is useful if your Money file is password protected, but you don't want to use the -p option in your shortcut.Then while Money is open, if you’d like to update quotes again, you simply click the shortcut again to update quotes.If -a is specified, then MSMoney Quotes will stay open and automatically update quotes every 15 minutes while Money is open.

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