My single friend dating

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With My Single you no longer need to worry about throwing yourself into the dating world – your friend will do it for you!

What’s really great about this idea is that your friends are able to sell you fully, and probably much more persuasively than you can yourself.

Before getting started, we have a pointless rant to go on about My Single Is it us, or does the website name imply you’re supposed to sign-up FOR your friend to try and hook them up with a date? Now let’s get onto the rant that matters – analyzing the joke that is My Single Apparently, not many are, as evidenced by the small member database.GENERAL ASSESSMENT OF THE WOMEN We used a different technique on this site than the others because that’s what we were forced to do.We referred friends to women instead of sending our own personal email messages.And, hey, it’s nice to have someone write nice things about you!is easy to use and not complicated by unnecessary features but it could add a few extras.

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