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There are links to many amp projects by other hams around the world.There is tube data, Frequently Asked Questions, discussion, construction ideas and details and lots of information for the amp builder.Lightning - Porcupine Static Discharger, Fulgurites and other tidbits - Reduce Lightning strikes. See GI-7B retrofits, 8877 retrofits, 813, 3-500, 4-400, 3-1000, 4-1000 and GS-35B construction. The code requirement has been reduced to 5 words per minute for higher class licenses as well.

I take Allopurinol daily but at times I think you need a little more help.

- known as "the disease of kings and the king of diseases" - What is it? When the uric acid levels rise too high in the body it begins to precipitate out as needle like crystals in the joints. There is an old but effective treatment for gout and it is a drug called colchicine.

The problem with colchicine is the treatment prescribed by most doctors.

Most of them tell you to take one tablet an hour until you either get relief or get sick. An effective cautious treatment is to take one pill, wait 12 hours, take another and repeat this every 12 hours until you begin to get relief.

Usually you will begin to get relief within 24 hours and the worst you usually experience is a little diarrhea.

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