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The first reason for the failure of debt settlement programs is because creditors rarely work with the programs.

Debt settlement programs do not control the interest rate that each credit card is charging.

As a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer, I have seen the shocking truth that debt settlements are simply a bad investment for the client in almost all cases, (discussed in ). It involves an individual who owes ,000 on delinquent credit card debt.

The counselor tells you that 0 per month will handle ,000 of delinquent credit card debt.

The counselor assures you that the company enjoys special relationships with all of your creditors.

That may be because of lax regulation.) You are told to refer all debt collectors to them.

The fine print of the contract says, (but you fail to see), there is an up front “administrative fee” of 00 that must be paid before the company ever begins to settle your debts.

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