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Other candidates not shown, but who attended the forum were: state Rep. In January, the theater was packed with more than 300 people for the first 11th Congressional District forum.

Fewer showed up for the forum earlier this month, but the couple hundred who did show up still took full advantage of the comfy reclining seats along with buckets of popcorn and drinks to watch the show.“We encourage people to put their chair back and relax,” said Marian Sheridan, a board member of the coalition.

Attending a forum for Republican candidates running for the 11th Congressional District are: from left: Rocky Raczkowski, Christine Bonds, Marian Sheridan the organizer of the event sponsored by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, Lena Epstein and Kerry Bentivolio. The event was held at the Emagine Theater in Novi, in early May, where a couple hundred people were able to recline in comfort with buckets of popcorn and drinks to watch the show.

Beyond his relationship with his new wife, multiple current and former SEIU employees who spoke to Bloomberg said that Courtney had a pattern of dating subordinates.

His conduct, these people say, has been a source of tension and concern within the union and has spurred an internal ethics complaint that preceded this week’s suspension.

One woman recounted a time when she felt pressured by him into agreeing to have dinner together and had to scramble to find a way to back out.

“The climate he created was hostile to women, and ultimately it didn’t stop with him,” said the woman, who now works elsewhere in the labor movement.

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