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Walking alongside children with cancer, and their families in Nicaragua, providing them with the spiritual, nutritional, material and economic help they need to hold on to hope in a time of great trial.Hundreds of millions of people still don’t have access to a full Bible in their own language.Thompson shares some fun, practical ways a couple can build their friendship. Listen to the series Marriage was created as a means to put love on display.God called Hosea to marry an adulteress to illustrate what His love looks like.Bryan Loritts walks through the biblical account of Hosea and Go...Listen to the series Nancy Houston recalls her childhood and the difficulty growing up in a non-Christian home with a violent father who suffered from PTSD.Thousands of couples have gone through this program and for a number of years now we have formally and informally surveyed and interviewed many of them.

Since we found that a weekly approach works best for most couples, the book provides fifty-two sessions.

Houston reminds listeners, "God is for you, and abuse is never o...

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But after a few evenings, the focus of our lofty spiritual quest was more about sleep than Scripture. We could never stick to it and our times were never what we hoped for. If we were good Christians, with God at the center of our marriage, wouldn’t setting aside time to cultivate spiritual intimacy be something that would come easy? We know and admire couples who open their Bibles together after breakfast, read a passage, share their secrets, and kneel to pray. When researchers examined the characteristics of couples who had been married for more than two decades and were fulfilled, one of the most important qualities they found was “faith in God and spiritual commitment.” We never needed scientists to tell us that spiritual meaning was important to our marriage. Marriage is not a superficial bonding, a mere machine that needs routine maintenance to keep it functioning.

We fought over who got to read first, not because of our spiritual passion, but because that person could doze or even fall asleep while the other was reading his or her passage! Marriage for us is founded upon a mutual exchange of holy pledges.

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