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The board room also doubled as a chapel for the workhouse.

The building was extended several times over the years as the number of Guardians increased.

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This continued until 1849 when the union bought the site for £4,000. At the east of the entrance was a large block dating from 1896 which contained "casual" wards where vagrants were provided with a night's accommodation in return for work, usually stone-breaking.

The workhouse laundry occupied a large block at the west of the main yards. At 5pm, the children were taken to the kitchen to be fed bread and cheese and then let out to play. After some searching, the kitchen's cellar door was found to be open.On 27th June 1818, Rugby, together with the parishes of Bilton, Hillmorton, Church Lawford, Long Lawford, Clifton upon Dunsmore, Kings Newnham, Leamington Hastings, Newbold on Avon, and Newton, formed a Union under Gilbert's Act of 1782.Amongst other things, the Union had the power to operate a "House of Industry" and on 1st August 1818 a contract for construction of the building was signed with a local mason, Thomas Harrall, and carpenter, Richard Over.Rugby workhouse board-room from the north-east, 2000. To the rear of the main block was a large courtyard subdivided by walls to create exercise yards for the different classes of inmates (male/female, infirm/able-bodied etc.).Females were placed at the west of the workhouse and men at the east.

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