Pagdating sa america

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(commonly known "Makasining") and being used by the other Philippine Local Government Unit, other organizations and other institution.

Imparting of these Filipino games to the youth is one of the main objectives of the organization.

With lack of organized sports activities for Filipino street games, Filipino children can only adapt to modern society by quitting their childhood games.

If the player with the shorter stick misses to hit the longer one, the same batter will continue. whisper it to the priest) is composed of two teams and an it.

The leader of team A goes to the priest and whispers one of the names of the players of team B. One of the players of team B should approach the priest, and if it happens to be the one whom the leader of team A mentioned, the priest will say, "Boom" or "Bung! Accurate targeting is the skill developed in this game because the objective of each player is to hit the anak (small stones or objects) with the use of the pamato (big, flat stone), trying to send it to the hole.

The players can hide in other things near the enemy base and ambush them. sun and shade): The it or tagger tries to tag or touch any of the players who is in direct contact with the light.

Bahay-Bahayan is a role-playing game where children act as members of an imaginary family, sometimes to the extent that one of them becomes the family "pet". This game is played outdoors only by two or more players.

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