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The man and his friend were outside enjoying the weather on Saturday when the colourful Amazon parrot surprised them both.It appeared so tame they suspected that it was someone’s stray pet, but no-one they knew was missing one.Kris is an enrichment specialist on the panel of experts for the World Parrot Trust.

Animal experts believe he went into a deep depression because he could not understand why George disappeared.

What are some trustworthy shops to go to for my birdie (play stands, toys, pedicure, wing clip, etc.) I mean speciality stores that can handle and befriend medium to large sized birds, ie Macaws, African Grays, Cockatoos, Eclectus.

Hopefully, whether you are a new parrot owner or you have been living with parrots for several years, you will find information here that will enlighten and inspire you as well as help you with your own parrot enrichment goals.

Now his owners, the Javid family, are offering a reward for any information leading to it being brought back to its home.

They are worried the bird will be vulnerable in the wild.

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