Policy that prohibits employees from dating

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(5) There are currently some seventy-nine permitted sanitary landfills in this State.(6) Most of the permitted landfill capacity will be used within the next ten years.(23) "Lead-acid battery" means any battery that consists of lead and sulfuric acid, is used as a power source, and has a capacity of six volts or more, except that this term shall not include a small sealed lead-acid battery which means a lead-acid battery weighing twenty-five pounds or less, used in non-vehicular, non-SLI (start lighting ignition) applications.(24) "Lead-acid battery collection facility" means a facility authorized by the Department of Health and Environmental Control to accept lead-acid batteries from the public for temporary storage prior to recycling.(19) "Industrial waste" means solid waste that results from industrial processes including, but not limited to, factories and treatment plants.(20) "Infectious waste" has the meaning given in Section 44-93-20 of the South Carolina Infectious Waste Management Act.(9) Insufficient and improper methods of managing solid waste can create hazards to public health, cause pollution of air and water resources, constitute a waste of natural resources, and create public nuisances.(10) The economic growth and population growth of our State have required increased industrial production which, together with related commercial and agricultural operations to meet our needs, have resulted in increased amounts of discarded materials.

(22) "Landfill" means a disposal facility or part of a facility where solid waste is placed in or on land, and which is not a land treatment facility, a surface impoundment, or an injection well.

(25) "Local government" means a county, any municipality located wholly or partly within the county, and any other political subdivision located wholly or partly within the county when such political subdivision provides solid waste management services.

(26) "Materials Recovery Facility" means a solid waste management facility that provides for the extraction from solid waste of recoverable materials, materials suitable for use as a fuel or soil amendment, or any combination of such materials.

(12) "Energy recovery" means the beneficial use, reuse, recycling, or reclamation of solid waste through the use of the waste to recover energy therefrom.

(13) "Facility" means all contiguous land, structures, other appurtenances and improvements on the land used for treating, storing, or disposing of solid waste.

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