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Parents are afraid for their children s lives when no one should be put in that state of mind.

The people who support the banning want to see, at the least, strict bylaw enforcement so dog owners would be more responsible.

Many people support this view, yet many people oppose it.

A solution must be formed to prevent young children from being mauled by vicious dogs.

These measures should include attending training classes and having better supervision.

Fees should also be enforced to handle repeat offenders and we need to have better education concerning how to raise and take care of our dogs.

Since dog fights became illegal, the scariest dog breeds didn’t just disappear.

They were not involved in a purposeless slaughter, but trained to become gentler and serve as companion dogs.

But nevertheless, something must be done about this very serious social issue.

People must also have some form of insurance to own dogs, and they should have a backyard fence at least six feet high.

Dog owners must prove that their dog has had obedience training by a professionally registered trainer. These people believe that all dogs, regardless of size or breed have the ability to injure.

Finally, I do not think that a bylaw banning certain dog breeds is a good idea because it would turn a loving dog owner into a criminal just by trying to protect a part of them.

I think that the only way to settle this dispute is by taking certain measures to prevent dog attacks on children, and adults for that matter.

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