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Big Data Architect is a 360° training program offered by Collabera TACT to professionals who seek to deepen their knowledge in the field of Big Data.The program is customised based on current industry standards that comprises of major sub-modules as a part of training process.Java is one of the most popular programming languages for working with Mongo DB.This project tells you how to work with the Mongo DB Java Driver, and using Mongo DB as a Java Developer.

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The need for No SQL, types of No SQL databases, OLTP, OLAP, limitations of RDBMS, ACID properties, CAP Theorem, Base property, learning about JSON/BSON, database collection & document, Mongo DB uses, Mongo DB Write Concern – Acknowledged, Replica Acknowledged, Unacknowledged, Journaled, Fsync.

Like Java, Scala is an object oriented programming language and this module has been designed to impart an in-depth knowledge of programming in Scala.

The module is based on ratio; 60% practical sessions and 40% theory classes.

Understanding database security risks, Mongo DB security concept and security approach, Mongo DB integration with Java and Robomongo.

Implementing techniques to work with variety of unstructured data like images, videos, log data, and others, understanding Grid FS Mongo DB file system for storing data.

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