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After the brief introduction, material divided into 7 sub-headings develops his thesis: place matters in economic growth with the advantage going to a discrete number of mega-regions around the world.

He argues place matters in economic geography because some cities and regions have an advantage in attracting highly educated people.

Instead, he tells readers about a pioneering theory of urban evolution by a multidisciplinary team of researchers at the Santa Fe Institute.

Their theory is called "urban metabolism." These researchers found that trends in innovation, patent activity, wages, and GDP are the opposite of biological organisms; they tend to grow faster as they get bigger.

For an article that starts out with bold assertions and a bold prediction I reached the end feeling disappointed.

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Little is said about mega-regions around the world, but Florida takes readers around the United States: New York, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Los Angeles, San Jose, Phoenix.

Mostly he tells readers how these areas once prospered doing things that will no longer generate growth.

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