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They currently provide service to over 1.5 million subscribers. Answer 3: Suddenlink was founded by Jerald Kent in February 2003.

In 2014, the company had annual revenue of .33 billion. Tagged as: suddenlink corporate address, suddenlink corporate headquarters, suddenlink corporate office, suddenlink corporate office address, suddenlink corporate office email, suddenlink corporate office fax, suddenlink corporate office phone number, Suddenlink customer complaint desk, Suddenlink Customer complaints, suddenlink head office, suddenlink headquarters, suddenlink home office, suddenlink main office I am considering filing with the State of Texas on Deceptive Trade Practices for how Suddenlink handles accounts when Credit Cards are updated supposedly but end up not being updated properly by the customer service rep and because of that the bill goes unpaid and then we are not able to pay online anymore. I call 3 months in a row giving the new CC and still the CC is not updated properly and since I cant pay online I have to either hope the CC is updated and then wait for the next months billing or pay extra to have the agent do it for me or take my disabled self up to the local store. Suddenlink CEO can you please help me in something or direct me to someone who will explain to me why in this day and age of the internet that instead of making more ways for a loyal customer to pay their bill or to be more direct give their money to you Suddenlink instead takes away abilities to pay you.

Question 1: What is the phone number for Suddenlink? Stopping a customer from being able to give you money is stupid. I have complained to just about everyone about this and nothing seems to change.

Answer 1: The phone number for Suddenlink is (314) 682-5599. I pay all my bills online except Suddenlink and its only because I can’t pay my bill online because Suddenlink doesnt seem to want me to pay my bill that way because of an issue that Suddenlink is responsible for.

Blocking me from trying to give you money is for lack of a better word ‘STUPID’ I want to pay you but you keep taking away my options to do so.

It almost seems you are doing it just so I have to pay you an extra . Reply I recently lost my credit card and the bank immediately cancelled the card and issued a new card.

However, when it came time to bill my card, I received a notice that notice that my *card was rejected.Lines are Checked, 2 new routers, new line ran, issues connection issues. I see you have horrible ratings and corporate can’t speak to us! Cancelled service after years of issues & promises of bill credits (that was never given). Assume they don’t want the equipment since they never came pick up or contact me to reschedule pick up. Call back this week & somehow the number can not be completed as dialed.The day I cancelled service, representative tells me a technician will pick up my equipment the following Monday. A month later I get a bill for 0 for 5yr old equipment not returned. So what is my next step since they have turned this into a credit agency & I’m obviously wanting to dispute??Since I was using the card to auto-pay my suddenly bill, I promptly went to my account setting online and entered a new card there for billing purposes.After I did this I could see that the system recognized the new card there listed under Easy-Pay.

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